Tuesday, July 20, 2010

But…what if what I write is garbage?

Well, that’s a matter of opinion, isn’t it? I usually get frustrated with my own songs, so I know how THAT feels.

Keep this very important thing in mind: Not every song (or song fragment) that you write will be what you consider good. Nor will every song you write even be finished.

If you dismiss it before you’ve halfway written it, however, you’re not giving it (or yourself) a chance at all.

The critic/editor inside of our heads is our own worst enemy – far, far more vicious than Simon Cromwell could ever be. This Critic is going to be screaming its head off when you head down this road.

Know what?

The louder it screams, the closer you are to reaching a new and better level in your songwriting.

Unfortunately, this Critic causes the abandonment of many a fine song, and the disillusionment of many a songwriter. Write in spite of it.

Know these very important facts:

There are many, many songs inside of you; an infinite amount.

Some are better than others. You will write all kinds – great ones, sucky ones, mediocre ones, and Oh-my-God-where-did-THAT-come-from?

You will have good days (and weeks and months) and bad days (and weeks and months). Just keep writing.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way (and many other wonderful books on creativity), puts it this way: “Just show up at the page.” If heeded, this single concept will help you tremendously.

Another concept that she discusses in her books is that God is the Ultimate Artist – and artists love other artists. God didn’t make just a few flowers; God said “Wheeee! This is fun!!! Let’s make MORE!” and got started with pansies, tulips, roses, buttercups, lilies, and….well….you get the picture.

The Creative Source is endless. It is always there to be tapped. The more you write, the wider your own creative channel becomes – and the more songs you will be writing. Some may be the roses, some may be the ragweed.

Judge not. Write on.